Iconic Graphic Designer Massimo Vignelli Has Died At 83

The legendary graphic designer behind New York City's iconic - and controversial - Subway map, Massimo Vignelli, has passed away at age 83.
The immeasurably influential Italian designer is best known for his uncluttered Modernist corporate identity work for company's including American Airlines, Xerox, Bloomingdale's and the iconic green and white United Colours Of Benetton logotype. However, with his wife and design partner Lella Vignelli, he also applied his design skills across everything from office accessories to domestic products, furniture, interiors and exhibitions.
Vignelli's New York City Subway design, created in 1972, caused controversy for its distorted scaling and its subsequent failings as a useable "map", however the system has remained in use and is widely considered a functioning piece of graphic art.
Vignelli is credited with popularising the Helvetica typeface, and his influence is almost unavoidable in daily life.
Of his long career he once said: "if you do it right, it will last forever" and in the case of Massimo Vignelli that sentiment couldn't be more fitting. He's survived by his wife, two children, and several lifetimes of fans inspired by the timelessness of his work.


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