Love From Cyprus - review 001

The gorgeous instagrammer @mariamandrup has sent us a review of the Paphos LFC sandals, and pretty photos to accompany it!

 I received my lovely handmade leather sandals shortly after they were shipped by Lovefromcyprus. They arrived with a dust bag and were packed in a protective envelope, resulting in the sandals being in perfect shape by the time I got them.  
They are very true to size and once I tried them on I was surprised by how light and comfortable they felt on my feet. Mostly fashion and comfort goes separate ways, but with these sandals I can honestly say that fashion and comfort goes hand in hand. Not only do you get a fashionable product but also it is really nice to wear! Even my mother noticed them shortly after I had put them on and I tell you I now have a pretty jealous woman next to me  5/5 stars from me! Xx
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