Love From Cyprus - SS14 roundup

Hello all

So, as summer draws to an end (here in Cyprus anyway...) I decided to use this opportunity to recap my summer 2014 and let you know how I've been doing.

At the start of the summer I decided to officially become self employed and invest all my time and energy into my dream, running my own brand which embodied the Mediterranean lifestyle, showcased Cypriot craftsmanship and extend my collection from LFC's 2013 footwear and accessory range. this meant saying 'goodbye' to being an employee and hello to being an entrepreneur.

With a little help and guidance from people who have done it an succeeded, alot of support from my beau and family, I was able to take the jump and go for it. 
Some reading material for those of you who are contemplating doing the same thing, but are scared of the unknown. 

I attended a free seminar by Mark Anastasis (author of The Laptop Millionaire), last year just before I launched my site, and it was a real turning point for me. He said something that really resonated with me, as I had been preparing and photographing and designing my new eshop for months and was feeling frustrated because it didn't look anywhere near as good as I wanted it to.....

He said perfectionists never succeed. They are always waiting for everything to be just right, constantly fine tuning and waiting for the 'right time' and the stars and moon to align...and for this reason they will never actually DO anything. That was it for me. The next day, I launched my webshop, flaws and all. I'd been limited to my own capabilities (web programming and photography and copywriting) and for this reason it never would look as perfect as I wanted it to, simply because I'm not an expert.

So I'm still live with that same site, I did get a little help from a web programmer, but it's still not what I have in my mind. But I've stopped using this as an excuse to keep me from working. I'm only now reading it, but wish I had started sooner with The Lean Startup. Eric Ries also has a free app, with free seminars about this type of business available online.. I can't remember the app's name for the life of me as I dont have my iPad with me, but you can search for it on your app store / play store. 

For girs that wanna become BOSSGIRLs and make in the fahion industry, you can of course checkout Sophia Amoruso's #GIRLBOSS book, who is the founder and CEO of Nastygal at age 30! She is an inspiration and has some raw, uncoated advise to give, but I think if you're gonna do it, stop reading and just start doing! 

Another webinar I attended, by Erlend Bakke (author of Never Work Again), was all about the types or entrepreneurs that exist.

1 - Solopreneur: one who does everything him/herself and the business will not run on it's own if that person is not physically doing things. Sort of like being an employee, but your customer / product is your boss. (This is where I currently am still stuck.)

2 - Wantapreneur: one who desires to be entrepreneur and even makes efforts towards being an entrepreneur, but neither follows through or do what really matters. (This is where I was two years ago.)

3 - Dammit...forgot the others. So I'll check my notes and update this tonight.

I'm of course very thankful to a few greta collaboration with some fashion bloggers who have increased my brand awareness amongst their readers and followers. I sometimes get taken by surprise when my products are featured on a blog or included in photos that are inspiring and sweet. These are the best features, because I don't actually have a budget for advertising and believe in word of mouth! So how these bloggers found me, is a mystery, but a blessing.

Here are some ladies whose blogs you should checkout, not only because I'm featured, but because I actually like these blogs too:

Fashion bloggers//

South African copywriters and moms write about style and life//
I heart your outfit

French momma writes about life//
This year also saw the introduction of my Nautical Collection - unisex marine-inspired anchors and hooks bracelets and (now) sandals. This collection will be extending into many more products, so watch this space because I'm feeling inspired and excited about where this will go.
For the SS15 look book, I worked with the great Cypriot fashion photographer Harris Kyprianou, on a series of photos that you can almost smell the sean and feel the sun on your skin, with an unmistakable Mediterranean feel to it.
LFC has now adopted the Mediterranean blue as the core brand colour, because it's one of those colours that makes you happy - all year round. It's a colour that represents my Greek roots, the Mediterranean sea and sky and all things good in this world.
This year, LFC has also become available at few new stockists:
Chiaraluna / Barcelona/ Spain/
Career dels Flassaders 34, Bajo, 2, 08003 Barcelona
Zahir / Vejer de la Frontera / Spain
Jose Castrillon 1, Vejer de la Frontera, Spain (Tel: +34 667 31 27 31)
September 2014 is also a milestone month for me, because in one week I turn 30 (yes, it's better than 20) and I will marry my beau! I am so blessed, and thankful for all the angels that have appeared in my life, at times when I needed them most, and in places I did not think to look. I wish you all a great end of summer, as we head over to the southern hemisphere where summer is only just beginning.

Ciao ciao xoxo


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