The Maestro: Alexander Geralis

So, after a long time of doing very little graphic design work (only for a few select clients), I have done some recent branding and design work for the most worthy: Conductor Alexander Geralis.
The maestro is young, modern, trendy and very talented. He is at the spring of his career and we wanted to design a CV and website to reflect his modern images, but also showcase his performances.

A lyre symbol was designed as a logo mark, to be used on it's own, or with the slab serif word mark. The symbol was designed to look a bit blocky and hand-cut, but the coral a cream colour palette keeps the overall look fresh and contemporary. The requirement was to keep the personal website simple, clean and appropriate, while avoiding looking boring and predictable. We also designed a matching CV, and soon the complete brand image will be featured on his Youtube channel and social media accounts.

Enjoy the Maestro's most recent performance of Mozart's Symphony 41 IV Movement, performed with the City of Athens Symphony Orchestra for the Panhellenic Masterclass with Michalis Economou. View the single page website here.


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