Kim's is the butt of all jokes, but why?

Ok, so you can't turn anywhere without people discussing, dissing, posting, sharing, liking, disliking Kim's butt these days. Paper magazine's break the internet campaign was smart. It got them noticed, and viral coverage which is what every modern day brand seeks in this over-saturated digital world today, and they completely maximised on the celeb-factor. Her Instagram account is the third most popular in the world! They did achieve super-mag status using the clever hashtag #breaktheinternet and claiming to not have used any Filters or photoshopping Kim's body (hmm).
With everything already being done in this world, I guess the next best thing to do is recreate legendary French photographer Jean-Paul Goude's iconic "Champagne Incidentphotograph, and what better celebrity to do it with than Kim Kardashian? It's a good photo, with a fun, larger than life celebrity, taking the mickey out of her own exaggerated curves. But why all the memes, and jokes?

Really folks, Kim is not the first one to get butt nekk'd. Paper didn't 'break the internet', but they got pretty close, as Kim just became the butt of all jokes (pun intended). 2014 is the year of the nekk'd, and everyone is flashing some boob and ass just to get in the media. I don't care much for anyone's punani or nipple action, as long as you are happy with the body you have, or are seeking healthy and active solutions to working towards your goals. I do have this to say about Kim's derrière, at least she is not flaunting an unhealthy body image. Why is it that when a curvy girl (Kim, Niki Minaj) show some skin it's scandalous and slutty, yet when someone skinny and shapeless like Kate or Keira take their top off it's art? Is fashion's mannequin-esque view still distorting our healthy body image? We sit and speculate where Beyonce photoshopped her waist or arms, and what for. We know that all images of celebrities have been touched up before they saw the light of day. I don't even think celebrities know what they really look like.

I'm a curvy girl, and have always felt that my XL bosom got me way more attention than I wanted, especially as a self-conscious teenager. I'm glad that curvy girls are making a comeback, I just wish it wasn't in this overtly sexual light. Yes we have curves in all the right places, and yes, we look good in and out of clothes, but do we have to exploit ourselves and our dignity? C'mob girls, stop with the selfies and need for approval from 'virtual likes' and 'hearts' and just be present in your own skin. 

PS: My favourite parody is by the Bondi Hipsters (bow down here).


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