LFC: Market day mood board

Today's menu: Fish. Bread. Beer.

Mounds of silver fish make an attractive sight at the fish market, and best enjoyed grilled or cooked in a stone oven! Always served with olive oil, parsley and lemon.
Traditional Cyprus village bread is a round flattened loaf, large and small of heavier bread, delicious when fresh. Enjoyed with olives, halloumi cheese, dry red wine and dipped into salad juices. Nothing goes to waste!
Greek beer FIX was founded in 1864. After enjoying being a monopoly for almost 100 years, it went out of business in 1983. 

In 2010 it was successfully relaunched, with a new label, with references to the gold medals and prizes won by the original FIX beer. An aggressive advertising campaign, with references to the strong historic legacy of FIX beer in the Greek society, has dramatically boosted sales, effectively leading to a strong comeback of the brand.


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