Lacoste L!Ve Pop-Up

Lacoste has launched a new product in their Lacoste L!ve line that features an eye-popping fragrance. The preppy urban design abstractly illustrates a classic short sleeve polo shirt with a crocodile. Playing on perspective, the liquidly aroma is packaged in blue glass with inspiration drawn from the De Stijl art movement and Mondrian paintings.

What excites me much much more than the packaging is the handmade pop-up book designed to celebrate the launch, exploring scent pictorially. 
The book looks and feels a uni student's final year project, which is what makes it so damn splendid. The creative studio responsible for the pop up book is WILD Advertising. See it in full action in the video below.
Lacoste - A L!VE pop-up story from Wildvertising on Vimeo.

Via The Dieline.


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