LFC Mood board: Nautically inclined

Fisherman illustration by Calore Chavelier
The sea has always been an inspiration to artists and designers alone. All things nautical and marine-esque are easily achievable with the use of blue, white and red. Mermaids have long been the fantasy of seamen, with many myths and stories written about these half-fish-half-nymph beings. As have sailors being the start of many a house-wife's fantasy. Enter JPG's 90's Le Male campaign...
Chandon's Nautical Branding
So keeping it simple, here's a little moodpboard to keep your creative juices flowing: in terms of style, decor and design.
Nautical DIY nails. All you need is tape, white, red and navy nail polish and a some basic knowledge of the international maritime flags.

You can find that here

Photo credit: @viewfromthetop
Nautical inspiration with blue, white and red - just for you to see how easy it is to style your black Plato unisex sandals, which you can get here.
Totally hooked on the Nautical collection. You can get your unisex LFC Hook with marine rope here.

Marine-inspired interiors are also very easy to achieve. Your aim is to keep it simple - play it safe with white, and use shades of blue, or stick to one blue if you have the luxury to source everything, and a little red if you wish. Beach wood also gives your space a more rustic feel, as a home would look if it were near the sea.
You could even start your concept at the front door with this gorgeous anchor door knocker.
Photo credit: @amy_stone
Pitchers by Stefaniu Vasques for Diamantini & Domeniconi.


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