Let's play pretend: favourite finds for little ones on Etsy.

Hey lovers...so I'm house bound due a a back injury. I know...sucky! But this also means i've had a lot of time to use my imagination to keep myself entertained, as there isn't much I can do from my bed. I also watched a TED talk, where the speaker referred to research saying kids spend on average 8 hours per day online. That is shocking! I remember, growing up in the 90's, in a small town, where taking your bicycle and going to play at your friend's house for 8 hours was normal. I played with Barbies until I was 13. I know for some people it seems late, even my mother was concerned, but really, for me, it was wonderful!

I loved playing with my best friend, we'd make up stories and scenarios, and explain to each other the situation between our leading lady and her man. Even playing (fighting) with my brother was fun, cause we'd kick each other, and run away. Obviously I could run after being the older and taller one. He's get so mad...oh man! I'm going to hell for the torture that boy was succumbed to.

So this reminiscing led me to creating a colourful and fun kid's treasury on Etsy called 'Let's play pretend'. You can see the treasury here. These are all thing I've found which are fun, but also encourage imagination, creativity and smiles! Click on the Etsy treasury link to see the products, shop owners and listings.

Are you a cowboy or an indian, 
a superhero or a sailor? 
You can be anything you want to be, remember?  
It's all up to your wildest imagination.


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