BJJ Self Defense Workshop for women

Hey lovers, this June, Aspida Team Renzo Gracie will be hosting a 2 day Brazilian Jiu Jitsu workshop to teach women some basics to defend themselves.  BJJ has been called 'The great equalizer' because a small person who knows BJJ can defend themselves against a larger opponent who doesn't know BJJ.

You can read former WWE Fighter, Eve Torres's personal experience and her decision to become a self-defence instructor here.

I am a big supporter of empowering yourself and learning skills to defend yourself, and be more aware of everyday dangers and realities. Growing up in South Africa myself, I am very aware of the dangers out there, and from a young age practiced Karate (yep, I'm a South African champ BTW). In my mid 20's I met my hubby who is a BJJ instructor and I have also practiced this sport for a few years now. It really is another ball game, and although many women would not be comfortable with grappling, it's the only way for you as a woman to disarm an attacker that you are not taller than, and most likely, not stronger than.

Empower yourselves girls, and find an academy near you that teaches a women's class. You may actually find you really enjoy the sport. Bonus: BJJ attracts buff (though average height) fellas! But don't you become no Maria Tatami and go around with all the guys in the class. An LFC girl has standards and morals!


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