If you're a traveller like me, you'll like anything to do with simplifying your baggage and keeping it down to the bare essential. Beside folding your clothes Japanese style, or rolling, you've also looked at space saving options for your toiletries. I tend to take every single magazine sample with me on my travels (you were wrong Marie Kondo, I DO use them), and only take full size sunblock because I can't live without this!

I've found this lovely concept for a Travel shaving kit, but you can see how the same packaging can easily be applied to shampoo, conditioner, body cream etc. I could even see a boutique hotel adopting this idea.

The TRAVEL SHAVER kit includes preshave wash pouches, a shaving gel tube, a razor and an aftershave tube. The products come in conveniently sized travel packaging. It is a complete shaving kit for the light weight traveller. The secondary packaging is not only compact and protective, but also acts as a tray for an organized and pleasurable experience. The kit is designed for a weeklong trip (7 days). So the customer does not have to open the kit before reaching destination or carry extra portions. 
 Via Behance.


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