Moustaki, my fluffy baby

My baby boy passed away and my heart is broken. I love you Moustaki mou. Thank you for all the love, the fluff and joy you brought into my life. You'll forever be mamas boy 😽 rest in peace. 
Thank you to all my lovers who offered kind words and support during my dark time. You have gotten to know a little bit of him though social media and know what a nonchalant and cool cat he was. My heart still aches, and probably will forever, when I think of my baby. He was my best friend and always made my day better. I feel good knowing he knew how much I loved him and lived like a king with us. We saved him from the street at just a week old. Someone had thrown him and his 3 sibling in the bin. We managed to save 3 of them, re-home Rosie and now his sister Nephele is still with us. Tomorrow is never promised, so make sure you always let the people (and animals) around you know how much you love them and how thankful you are for them.


Ooh! I'm so sorry
He was a lucky cat, I'm sure you gave him a great life to enjoy.

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