Flying close to the sun

The best part of my job, is connecting with other girls who have the same shared interests and loves. LFC started out of a love for craft and it's lead me to where I am today. I get emails from my lovers, and really, I do feel like they are my lovers, with photos of them wearing their sandals in all these wonderful places. I've sent sandals to places I've never heard of, let alone been.
LFC goes to Hawaii.
I've met other fellow independent designers, doing their thing, and we've shared our experiences and our advice. I've even become close friends with a few of them and we often brainstorm together and help each other out.
Collaboration with Honey Bee Swim, in Texas.
Essentially, that's what LFC is to me - it's a lifestyle brand, that isn't tied down to just this little island in the Med. The Mediterranean lifestyle in Cyprus may be similar to Greece, and even Spain or Italy, but there is a similarity to this new, authentic type of lifestyle worldwide. The internet has made the world smaller, and brought us all closer. We share similar experiences across the globe. I'm so honoured and grateful for the girls that show their support in what I create, but also understand the essence of LFC.
Celine in France, sends me pictures of her cat, Leo, who looks like a clone of my baby, Moustaki!
Christina in New York (pictured here wearing her Icaria sandals) is an American Cypriot, but heard about LFC from a friend of a friend. We met up for coffee when she came to Cyprus on holiday.
Delphine sent me a picture of her wedding day, in Istanbul, where she tied the knot in Artemis sandals and her matching tan/gold Mini-bag.
Meeting Manuela from Chiara Luna, my stockist in Barcelona, while my hubby and I were doing our Euro trip, as also a special treat.
Chiara Luna, our stockist in Born district of Barcelona.
The best part of it is: the joy you express when you receive your sandals and open the package for the first time, and share your experience. These are just a few of the many, many stories I have to share, and it's all through the connecting spirit of love, wanderlust and art that I share with my lovers. You are just as big a part of LFC as I am, thank you!


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