Paper anniversary

Saturday 20th September is my 1 year wedding anniversary to my beau. The only reason I feel safe to share this post before the date is because I know he doesn't read my blog. Ever.

As it's the one year anniversary, according to tradition, the first anniversary you give a gift of paper (or cotton according to the UK tradition). I've decided to go with the US version, as it just keeps things simple. I've ordered our portraits from an illustrator in Australia, Amanda Burnett. You can find here shop on Etsy, where you can contact her to make a custom request.
These are still work in progress, as water colour needs time to flatten the paper and colour layering, but I'm so excited to receive them. I plan to frame our portraits and place them about our bed. I've also ordered an extra portrait of my dear Moustaki, which I will hang somewhere separately, along with other members of our growing family as and when I get portraits of them too! I think this is a lovely tradition that I've begun, and a collection I can keep adding to over the years, even by different artists featuring different styles. I will share the completed pictures, framed and hung once I have them.

What gift would you have given for a 1st anniversary?



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