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Hey lovers.

You're all aware, if you've been following our pages, that we have been working hard on improving our products, and adding more variety to our collection or sandals and bags. We've also had a little makeover which you will see slowly been rolled out on all our platforms. We are the same brand, but with improved craftsmanship, more of your favourite styles as well as new elegant and timeless designs which we will be introducing over the next season.
Aphrodite is the goddess of love and beauty who was born in foam of the waves on the shores of Cyprus, according to mythology. She has been our inspiration and now a leading star in our new collection. She will be with you in spirit and sole (yes sole!), sharing your travels, your loves and your dreams.

We've also improved the leather selection, as well as the leather soles and added the new all black leather sole too. We've listen to your feedback, and appreciate your comments and proposals. Some of the improvements though, come at an extra cost. So you may notice some products have gone up in price, while others have come down. We always try to keep our prices fair, and also fairly pay our experienced craftsmen and craftswomen, while offering you improved quality and craftsmanship. Most importantly, we reward our returning customers with a discount code, as well as maintain our free shipping.
Another change we have made to our designs is a new, sleek sole design, with a slimmer heel and more oval toe shape. The sole length has changed slightly, by a few mm, so please check our size chart to ensure you order the right size for you by following the measuring instructions below.

We've also asked you opinions where you want your products to come in a cotton bag or a recycled box, and you've all agreed you prefer a bag. We'll keep asking you your opinion when we have big decisions to make, because you are all just as part of the brand as we are. After all, sharing is caring!
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