Women's health - check your boobs!

Breast cancer is the most common form of malignancy affecting women worldwide. It is also the leading cancer in females in Cyprus, with approximately 400 new cases diagnosed annually. It is well recognized that genetic variation as well as environmental factors modulate breast cancer risk.

LFC has decided to go pink, not only for October, but for every month after, with a percentage of profits going to the local breast cancer organisation, Europa Donna

After my mother-in-law was diagnosed in September, it's become a personal mission to not only raise awareness, but also assist in finding a cure for this disease that affects women (and even men) worldwide. As young women, we tend to neglect our health, and particularly topics that make us feel ashamed or embarrassed. Your health it not something to be ashamed about, and you should regularly visit your gynaecologist for all your routine checks, whether you believe you are at risk or not. That includes your routine Pap test, girls! Checking your breasts is something you can do at home however, and only you know your breasts well enough to know if you have found something out of the ordinary.  So don't be shy, feel your boobs up, get a boyfriend / husband / neighbour (if you roll like that) to participate if you're a team player!


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