ANAMA wine concept - A visual and taste experience

My dear friends over at Anama Wince Concept have done it again: they've transported us on a visual story telling ride. ‘The ‘Anama Concept’ is the result of an inspiring partnership between Oenologist Lefteris Mohianakis & Jewellery Designer Kristina Apostolou. Together, both artists aspire to produce a refined & contemporary Authentic Cypriot product. Not only is the packaging and the content of the beautiful bottle absolutely delicious, but Kristina and Lefteris are authentic and probably the most interesting couple you will ever meet. Their creation: Anama Wine - a modern commandaria wine, embodies all the love, inspiration and authenticity of these two wonderful characters. 

Commandaria is a traditional sweet wine made in Cyprus, similar to a port. 'Nama', mentioned in the scripts of Hesiod, Homer & others, is the ancient-original name of Commandaria, is the oldest listed wine in the world, dating back as far as 5,500 years. Produced solely on the small island of Cyprus, Nama was consumed only by the high-elite society & by Royalty, or was offered to the Gods as a libation (sacrifice). 

‘Anama - a naturally sweet wine made from sundried grapes.  A contemporary concept based on the foundations of the oldest historically recorded wine in the world, “Kyprion Nama”, and its successor, known today as “Commandaria”, thus produced from Cyprus’s indigenous grape varieties Xynisteri (white) & Mavro (red).  The limited scale production is made using modern oenological methods and followed by a 2-year aging period in new oak barrels.  Finally, the wine’s ‘outfit’ is custom-designed & made on an annual basis.  Each & every bottle is labeled using precious materials and bares a unique hand-punched number, thus completing the product’s collectable profile.

To celebrate & communicate the launch of their 5th harvest, 'Anama Vintage 2011, The ‘Anama Concept duo Kristina Apostolou & Lefteris Mohianakis, designed & directed 'The Palate Project'.  The brief was to visually portray the complexity & richness of colours, aromas & flavours found in a glass of 'Anama 2011. A number of detailed tastings of the wine were carried out at various stages during the aging process, resulting in an in-depth break down of all the aromas & flavours that can be identified in the wine.  These were then colour sorted, resulting in five main colour categories. A sequence of five carefully composed photographs/ moodboards were put together, each one capturing a different essence of the wine palate. A variety of food props, Cypriot delicacies & conceptual pieces were used in order to achieve this. The five images are titled according to the colour-theme : Almond White, Chilly Red, Cinnamon Brown, Smokey Brown & Ruby Red.
Moodboard No.1 - 'Almond White' 
Moodboard No.2 - 'Chilly Red' 
Moodboard No.3 - 'Cinammon Brown' 
Moodboard No.4 - 'Smokey Brown' 
Moodboard No.5 - 'Ruby Red' 


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