True Cost of fashion

Hey Lovers, I as an independent designer, I am constantly faced with the same response from women in Cyprus, and sometimes even get emails from other countries: that my products are too expensive.

To understand the pricing, you'd need to understand about costings. All our products are handcrafted locally, which means higher labour costs (fair costs according to the local market). Living on an island also means that our materials come at a higher cost too because we need to import leathers from Greece and Italy.

I am still not able to hire an employee, despite being in business for 3 years, which was my ultimate goal when I started this brand: to create jobs. What I am very proud of, is that my products are all made locally so contributing to the local economy. We work with local craftsmen and craftswomen to ensure our products keep improving, evolving and we keep creating beautiful products you love, while staying true to 
our brand's philosophy.

A significant part of the philosophy of the brand is supporting family businesses and experienced local producers. Hence, all our products are Made In Cyprus.

Here's a trailer of a documentary unveiling the TRUE COST of fashion. If any of you are interested, you can find the full documentary on Youtube.


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