Martaki Mataki - Greek spring time traditions

The 1st of March denotes the beginning of spring in Greece and Cyprus and with spring comes the promise of warmer days and a burning sun.
The Greek saying for this time of year is:
“Απού ‘χει κόρη ακριβή, του Μάρτη ο ήλιος μην τη δει”
This means: “If you have a precious daughter, don’t let the sun of March see her”.
In earlier years, a woman’s beauty was defined by her white soft skin.
The tradition says that girls should wear a red twisted thread around their wrists from the first day of spring. This is called a “martaki” or “the little March” and it is worn to protect the young girls from the burning sun.
The “martaki” is worn until the end of March, and then the red and white threaded bracelet is to be hung on roses. They say that by hanging the thread on red roses will redden the young girl’s cheeks and will then be taken by birds to build their nests. You can keep yours for the next spring!

The Martaki Mataki - 'Little March Eye' is made with the protective red thread and a small evil eye charm with enamel. It's available online for Feb / March, limited stock available.


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