Calling it a day - new day!

I'm torn between booking placements far in advance or leaving it until a few weeks before becoming available. So far, four places which I had booked a few months in advance have canceled them weeks before I was meant to start, leaving me with not enough time to arrange others, or have simply been sloppy (to say the least) at getting back to me with a date, which ultimately results in no reply, hence no placement.

Most places I've recently contacted are booked until the summer or even September!!! I'm not going to book placements for SEPTEMBER! I'll have been a graduate for 15 months by then. What will I do for rent and bills? I already paid 5 years education so I could get a degree, I shouldn't be PAYING to work too!

So here's my plan, which I'm sticking to. Next confirmed placement is at R-design last weeks of April, I have two (fantastic) interviews next week (really...fantastic). Also, my time at Interbrand comes to an end next week. So, after confirming dates for my next two placements (which I will get) that'll be the last of them. Then I am registering as a sole-trader and freelancing. I've had a great (stretched out) placement run, but it's been 9 months since I've graduated, which means I'm no longer a 'placement' who gets paid little or nothing. I'm 25 years old WITH professional experience, I should be getting paid freelance rates, recession or no recession. I have a CV as long as my arm filled with placements.

I don't need "work experience" I need work! I have Miravalle Tequila now, it's not much which I'm getting from that job, but it most certainly is a start. The sooner I finish it, the sooner I get paid. Time to put my thinking cap on and start marketing.


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