Happy as a chappie

In the last two days I've had two interviews, one at 300million and one at Saatchi & Saatchi desgin (responsible for T-mobiles recent ads), and both went really, really well :)

I've secured another two placements, and Interbrand have asked me to stay on for another two weeks yaaay!!

I'm so happy, I love working at Interbrand, I'm pleased with my website (which everyone at S&S was familiar with), I'm pleased with my portfolio (which everyone I show seems to be impressed with) and I super pleased with the placements I'm booking. Everyone (ok, not exactly EVERYONE) has been lovely and I feel like skipping to work everyday.

Tomorrow for Red Nose Day, I've baked a cake (well...technically, my boyfriend baked it) for a cake sale.

This is a picture of my nephew George. Only his silly little smile can express how chuffed I feel with everything right now. This is a good space to be in.


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