The future of magazine advertising

From a technology point of view, I think its great that video screens can now be embedded into magazines / books. With the debut of video inside a print title, American magazine Entertainment Weekly included the screens to advertise Pepsi MAx and CBS trailers. But from a social point of view, I think we're being bombarded with far too much visual information. I feel this information overload had desensitized us and we are no longer shocked or amused by very much. I can stand the thought of sitting on a train next to someone paging through a magazine with video and sound. I find it annoying when people's headphones are too loud, never mind watching videos. Arrgghhh!!! Stop trying to get me to buy, try, watch, eat, drink something!! The best type of promotion and marketing is still word of mouth. People trust a product that has been referred to them through a friend. To an extent, I think we should revert back to simpler times and stop trying to advertise on every imaginable surface. We need to be more subtle and cleverer with our ads.


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