Money Matters

I HATE talking about money, yet its a crucial part of business. Clients that ask for an 'exact quote' are usually the ones that will expect more and more from an estimate and refuse to pay a cent more. Bosses that do not tell you how much the position's salary is are the ones that will make you feel you've asked for too much. How about YOU tell ME what your budget is and we see if we can accomplish something within that. This week I've been asked for EXACT price quotes and EXACT salary expectations. Hmmff! Funny thing is, Cypriots are the first to not commit to a quote yet are the first to want just that from others. I'm going to have to get much more business savvy.

Have met with a few design and advertising directors the last two weeks, which has been interesting and eventful to say the least. My gut instinct has not let me down yet, and fate has always had a way of showing me the right road. One of my meetings, something seemed a bit off but I couldn't place what I didn't like about the guy. A week after we met, and a job offer later, the dude turned out to be extremely arrogant and spiteful, most definitely not the type of boss who would want to harness my talent and see it flourish. In order to avoid embarressment and rejection he 'retracted the offer', therby doing me a favour really. I don't think he would've handled rejection well anyway. Another meeting I had turned out to be surprisingly pleasant. Lovely, lovely creative director and managing director of the company. The interview was more about getting to know me and me getting to know them. A much more sincere approach plus more responsibility and room to grow. I have now doubt it will be a fruitful partnership.

Bottom line here is: READ THE SIGNS - FOLLOW YOUR GUT!


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