Christmas wishlist

All I want for christmas is more books! I can't get enough of Gestalten books. Another two to add to my list is 'The power of Science' and 'Power shop 2'.

Powershop 2 is the definitive resource on contemporary retail design worldwide. This double-volume tome provides a truly global overview offering readers a unique opportunity to visit 200 outstandingly designed stores. Featured projects are richly illustrated and accompanied by floor plans, designer profiles, and detailed descriptions. Eight essays addressing the challenges facing tomorrow’s retail sector provide an interesting glimpse into the future...

The Fiction of Science is a collection of photographs by Frank Hülsbömer, who has made a name for himself with contributions to magazines such as Wallpaper.This book is an excellent source of visual stimulation, especially those who are fans of the 'tactile art' trend in graphic design these days. Great for colour combinations, geometric shapes and visual poetry.


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