FeuerWear - hot stuff!

Right, so I'm back from Barcelona, which I fell in love with! The architecture, the arts, the lovers, the friends, the crafts...simply put, everything! I not only learnt a thing or two about Spanish art and fashion, but was also told about a german sustainable fashion brand  Feurwear. Feurwear (or Fire wear in English) is a brand whcih sources used fire hoses and repurposes them into bags and accessories. Much like my ReMade bags, each piece is unique. I haven't seen an actual hire hose before, but I imagine its a heavy-duty material. The bags are neat, with a variety of styles (notebook,  messenger, shopper) as well as wallets, belts, and orginisers. Like, like, like!! Based in Köln, these babies are stocked in stores everywhere across europe as well as through the online shop


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