Students Rock!

Mark Johnson
The most exciting work comes from students and young designers, despite what the industry will have you believe. It's not the account executives and the clients....obviously a client that is willing to taks risks and and account exec that understands a thing or two about design helps, but really its the young designers (with the right Creative director's guidance) who are not yet restricted by guidelines and budgets and protocol that are bursting with new ideas and fresh approaches. I cannot say this often enough, but that's because I truly believe this. They say that a talented designers best work will be produced in the first 4 years of his career...much like Onasis' quote 'if you're gonna be a millionaire, you have to make it before you're 20'...but this is all open for discussion. So here are some recent student works spotted on packaging blogs:

Yun Yeenyon from Australia
Kate Allen from Manchester, UK
Sarah Cepedes from Oregon, USA
Misako Ishida
Judith Poirier from Canada
Lindsay Perkins
J. Chris Schwartz from Philadelphia USA
Cory Angen
Etka Mody from NYC, USA
You can also check out a post on The Dieline about the Norwich University (UK) 2010 graduates work here.  


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