Fox Hotel in Copenhagen

Room 302 - Harmony's Helm by Friendswithyou (USA)
If you're ever in Copenhagen and want a different (more arty) hotel experience, try Hotel Fox. A boutique hotel with 61 unique rooms, designed by 21 international artists. Looking at the rooms on their site, it's a bit like choosing a room out of a comic book, some are minimal while others are completely alice-in-wonderlandesque! The sure thing is that each room is different. On the website you can click to view a room and also read the artists bio, who designed it. My favourite (difficult to choose amongst so many) is Room 302. Harmony's Helm by Friendswithyou, which really wins because I have a thing for golden cows heads and mosaics.
Room 212 - Japanese Garden by tokidoki (Italy)
Room 510 - King's Court by Brigit Amadori (Germany)
Room 106 - Sleep Well by Genevieve Gauckler (France)
Room 409 - Heidi by Benjamin Gudel (Switzerland)
Room 406 - Shortcut by Antoine et Manuel (France)


If you are looking for fun, relaxation and high-quality facilities, it’s the right choice for you.

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