Oreo turns 100!

Oreo cookies was founded in NYC on 6th March 1912, and turns 100 in a couple of weeks.
the only thing I've found is a youtube video showing their 100th anniversary packaging.

I did however find Oreo's original packaging (via White Dot), which is a treat in itself!
Also, I found the 90yr anniversary pack, I'm not sure if this is official or just a proposal by designer Chad Upham. The special edition packaging was designed to hold 90 individually wrapped cookies, each representing a year which includes historic pictures and facts. Packaged in a compact box with decorative band, the tray unfolds to become a six-foot long timeline of the 20th century, a perfect centerpiece for parties. The box has a hand-lettered logotype.

Whether real or proposal, it's a nice piece for collectors and cookie enthusiasts. I would've liked to see a reprint of the old pack, like Coca-Cola did last summer with printing retro graphics on the can and limited edition old bottle runs. I feel they could've done much better than the pack in the video. A marketing opportunity missed perhaps?


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