Vårdapoteket Pharmacy's new branding

One of my favourite studios, Stockholm Design Lab gives the brand ID of a Swedish pharmacy chain a big old happy pill. Using bright colours and bold anatomical illustrations as opposed to the predictive antiseptic clinical look. Instead, the Swedish pharmacy chain Vårdapoteket uses vivid jewel colors and cartoonish illustrations of the human body to create a lively look for the various bags, promotional signage, information leaflets, and wallpaper at its 24 stores.

Vårdapoteket is unique among pharmacies in that it’s located solely in hospitals and care settings and doubles as a grocery store. The pop of colour in an otherwise barren and uninspiring environment (hospitals) might be just what the doctor ordered for a sick person. Research has shown that positive environmental factors can reduce patients’ anxiety and even contribute to their overall well-being. SDL’s design, then, offers a small glimpse of cheer in an all-too-often stressful setting.

(via Fast co design)


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