'Anama wine

'Anama, a contemporary wine concept, is the result of an inspiring partnership between oenologist Lefteris Mohianakis and Cypriot jewellery designer Kristina Apostolou. Together, both artists aspire to produce a refined Authentic Cypriot Product, based on the timeless traditions and heritage of their culture.
'Anama 2007, released in December 2009. A Total of 723 hand-numbered bottles with a sterling silver handcrafted label, is the first 'Anama harvest to be launched into the market.

'Anama 2009, a composition of 1,512 numbered bottles. The label is designed and hand-crafted in Cypriot oak, oxidised sterling silver, indian garnets & sealed in natural beeswax.
Above is a custom made bottle of 'Anama 2009, following a special order for a wedding gift. Materials used for label : Cypriot oak, sterling silver, oxidized sterling silver, precious tourmaline cabochon stone in sterling silver bezel. The hand-punched number signifies the wedding date of the couple is was given to.


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