Sexy Speedo LZR upcycling

The famed Speedo LZR swim suit broke 91 world records before being banned from competitive use. Now that it is no longer in use, unsold suits were upcycled with the help of British sustainable fashion label From Somewhere, to create a sexy collection which was auctioned for charity. A new range of dressed-down swimwear was designed using this suit as both inspiration and material.  It’s form-fitting format accentuates the features of its wearers, theoretically the wearer will have the body of an athlete or swimmer.

Owned by award winning designer Orsola de Castro and Filippo Ricci, From Somewhere recycles and rethinks the fashion industry’s waste turning textile surplus into beautiful clothes that take into account the balance between consumption and disposal. From Somewhere’s collections are made with luxury designer pre-consumer waste such as proofs, swatches, production off-cuts and end of rolls and in this case unsold and surplus Speedo and Speedo LZR Racer stock.


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