Nivea gets a makeover

The blue tin has embodied NIVEA's brand values since 1925, although NIVEA cream was launched in 1911 in a yellow tin. It is the brand “face“ that consumers around the world associate with trust, closeness and expertise. Now Beiersdorf AG has introduced a new global design language based on the iconic blue tin. Internationally renowned industrial designer Yves Béhar joined forces with the Beiersdorf Design Management team at his San Francisco-based fuseproject studio to create a new, unique and innovative design language that embodies the NIVEA brand values.

The blue NIVEA tin wasn't just the basis of the design, but also a source of inspiration to the designers. The crème tin is used as a logo, reflected in the rounded contours of the new packagings and in the reduced blue and white colors of the new design. The round lid, which tilts towards the consumer, embossed with the NIVEA logo, has obvious similarities with the iconic blue tin and it provides customers with a “familiar face” on the shelf.

Some of the original sketches and prototypes for the new packaging design.
NIVEA's 100 year heritage, original tins over the decades, the blue and white was introduced in  1925.


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