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You've all seen these as they've made their way around on FB, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc...that is a wonderful pet project by Russia based photographer Murad Osman who takes photos of his beautiful girlfriend on their trips around the world. A visual diary of trips to wonderful and exotic locations all captured in just one image always the same, yet never alike. Osman's girlfriend is leading the way and we, the viewers are following.
What a great way to sum up your travels in just one image and share them with the world. I think I may start my own little visual diary of this style with my beau...I've fallen in love with this idea. Thank you to Osman for sharing some private moments and inspiring us, I guess I should thank the internet (and the loss of privacy too). I think we all have a need to be seen and heard and share private moments, it makes us feel as if we're not little nothings and we will leave our mark in this world, even after we pass away. Although I am a huge fan of all these social media site, it's still more important to do things and experience things that we share with friends and family, real experiences, not virtual. I think Osman's pictures to me feel like an actual visual diary of the couple, not staged pictures that they took 'just' to share, which makes them feel authentic.
Keep it real homies!!


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