Cyprus Aid

On Monday 1st April, some 50 Greek and Cypriot artists rallied round to play in Nicosia on Monday in a giant aid concert. Over 20.000 people attended the non-profit concert and brought truck loads of non perishable food.
The objective was to raise money and collect essentials for Cypriots facing financial hardship and ballooning unemployment. Thousands of people turned out for Cyprus Aid beneath the medieval walls around the old part of the capital.
Charities were delighted at the greater-than-expected response; and the public was delighted with the music. In fact so much was donated that a theatre had to be opened up and used as extra storage space. 
Where Greek anarchist protest violently in the the streets and burn buildings and hurt innocent bystanders, Cypriots unite and share love for those in need and hope for the future. The event was orginised in just a week by volunteers and sponsors.
Via EuroNews, read more on the Cyprus Mail.


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