Easter Egg DIY inspiration

Easter is coming (Orthodox Easter, folks) on the 5th May. So i'm getting in the mood and getting inspired to make my own dyed eater eggs. I'm great at collecting inspo...now whether I actually DIM (Do It Myself) is another question... I should get paid for blogging. I'm super at research and collecting information. Anyone?

Traditionally we dye our Easter eggs red, and as you can see in the Martha Stewart pic above, plaid them into our sweet Easter bread, tsoureki. Mmmmm... Easter is my favourite traditional holiday, especially as I spend it in my grandparent's village where all the festivities and atmosphere make me warm inside <3 p="">

You can find the tutorials after a little Pinterest search, that's why I didn't put any links. I'm loving the black and white monochrome aztec designs, but the marble and gold foil is pretty special too!


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