Chrisostome Lazarou, my pappou

Yesterday we buried my beautiful grandfather, Chrisostomos Lazarou, aged 94. He lived a very pious and virtuous life. He was a victim of child labour, a WWII veteran, he built his house with his bare hands and raised 5 children, never complaining, always smiling, forever a gentleman and with a high moral code. He is an example to emulate. Tru to his name (chriso - gold, stome - mouth) every word that came out of his mouth was gold. On his deathbed, he asked my mom to help him remember if he owed anyone, or ever insulted or hurt anyone so that he could apologise. He was like no other man I've ever, or will ever meet. I know people say that about they love, but in this case everyone who knew him will say the same. He has finally found peace and a little piece of him lives in all his children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren.

I am so blessed and honored to be his granddaughter. I love you Christostome and am proud of you.


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