Do it with Love

I honestly believe that loving what you do, will ultimately bring success, I have started an online shop, I know you know but now, which sells and promotes Cypriot designer products. The only thing that can stop a good idea is not sharing it. is so much more that just a shop, it's a community project. A community of designers who LOVE what they do and want to share their love FIRST, profit from it second. It's a community of customers who LOVE and appreciate hand crafted quality products by local designers and want to support them. Our selection of designers are hand-picked for great design, great quality and unique products.

Cyprus is more than just a holiday destination. It is the birthplace of Aphrodite, goddess of LOVE and beauty. It's inspired Leonardo Da Vinci, poet Lord Byron, and is the birthplace and home of many talented creatives including Erotokritos, Androniki, Anna Koumoushi, Anama Wine Concept, Kristina Apostolou, Stella Chili, Daniella Georgiou, Fuse design, Zen boards and many more.... You just need to visit our site to see some of these beautiful products, but also like our FB page to get a better understanding of the LFC concept.  With that said, I'm leaving you here with some patterns of Cyprus to enjoy (and my blue toes too).


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