Pecha Kucha Nicosia Vol.02 - Aphrodite speaks!

We are finally in the week of Pecha Kucha Vol.02, which happens this Wednesday at Chateau Status, 19:30. Remember this is a FREE event (sponsors most welcome to pitch in here...every little helps), you don't hear that much in Cyprus.

Chateau Status has also been kind enough to offer an all-you-can-drink menu for only 10 Euros. 
Our confirmed speakers are on the poster above. I cannot stress the reasons for doing this event more. I do it because I love it and want to meet other young professionals in different fields but also to encourage a new mentality of sharing and community. One that Cyprus lacks. We live in a small isolated island, and instead of caring about the bigger picture and uniting to accomplish something bigger than ourselves, a legacy, a future, we compete and covet our ideas.

I do however need help. If any of you can offer your support, help sponsor or find sponsors, volunteer some of your time towards the organization of the event it would be greatly appreciated. This is the second event I have organized and funded by myself (the first one I was unemployed and broke), and hopefully I'll be third time lucky and manage to find some sponsors and supporters. Yes times are hard, but this is an initiative to encourage productivity and inspiration, possible collaboration between people that meet there on the night. This is a networking event for your professionals who want to learn and share and grow together.

You can find the event on face book here, and the PK Nicosia page here.


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