Ditch the Fitch

Another anti-A&F campaign, this time by Greg Karber, set out on a guerrilla rebranding mission, he calls "Fitch the Homeless." 

Karber shopped for all donated A&F clothes at Los Angeles thrift stores, and carried as many articles of A&F clothing as he could find to the homeless population on Skid Row. He captured his charitable donations on camera. "At first, people were reluctant to accept the clothes," Karber narrates. "Perhaps they were afraid of being perceived as narcissistic date rapists."

While many are in support of the "Fitch the Homeless" campaign, some critics have responded negatively to the video, suggesting it looks down upon homeless people as "unworthy," or lesser human beings. As Patheos points out,  the "stunt has no bite without this assumption."

In fairness, part of Karber's mission is based on multiple reports over the years that Abercrombie chooses to burn unsold clothing, rather than let it fall into the hands of homeless people. An unnamed A&F manager tells Elite Daily, "Abercrombie and Fitch doesn't want to create the image that just anybody, poor people, can wear their clothing."


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