40 years of consistent branding

Teacher wears same outfit for school photo for 40 years, gets internet fame. In Dallas, Texas, a physical education teacher by the name of Dale Irby has worn the exact same outfit—comprising of a polyester shirt and knit sweater vest—for his work yearbook photo for the past 40 years. 

2013 marks the year of his retirement at Prestonwood Elementary School, and the last yearbook photo in the same outfit.

This started in 1973 when he chose a certain shirt and sweater combo for his first yearbook photo. Due to a wardrobe of mostly athletic clothes, he accidentally repeated the outfit in the next year. It was his wife, Cathy, a language arts teacher, who dared him to repeat the outfit for his third yearbook photo. After that, continued the prank for five years. After five pictures, he did not want to stop, so he continued to wear the same outfit for 40 years.

The following video shows the transition of the 40 yearbook photos that Irby has taken over time, and according to him, the shirt still buttons if he “sucks it in a little.” 

I count 6 pair of glasses too. How many do you count? Now that's consistent branding for you, with just a few tweaks over the years.

All via TAXI.


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