Barbie Gets A Make-Under

Nikolay's 3D model of Barbie shows just how different the iconic doll's 36-18-33 stats compare with a more natural 32-31-33.
The more realistic version is shorter, curvier and has a smaller head - and looks much better in a bikini.
Nickolay said on his blog about the designs: "The real Barbie without makeup brings up a new point: if Barbie can look good without makeup, why doesn’t Mattel make dolls with a more natural look?" Nikolay also added: "Ken is a pretty good looking doll. So, surely Barbie without make-up can’t be too different?"
Bratz dolls have often been called out for their under-dressed, over-made-up appearance when they're a gift for children and pre-teen girls. We think the Bratz look SO much better without make-up.
Even Disney got the make-under treatment - Cinderella is far more like a fairy tale princess in the bottom photo.

Via Glamour Magazine.


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