CHAT inflatables

C  H  A  T was created by Imaisde Design Studio in April of 2011 when The Cool Hunter organised TCH Design Competition - A Call for designer inflatables! The winning design was created by Spaniard Pablo Crepso Pita. Only 3000 of these three pieces will be handmade for a period of 14 days between 22nd July - 5th August, after which you will not be able to buy  C  H  A  T inflatables again anywhere. 
C  H  A  T is composed by 3 amazing colourful and premium inflatables. You have not seen anything like these inflatables on the market. C  H  A  T inflatables are incredibly stable, comfortable and different: the first design inflatables in history.
Christina Henry and Athina are waiting for you. Each inflatable includes 6 hooks to connect to the others so that you can chat with your friends in the sea, in the sand or in the swimming pool while doing anything else than sun bathe, relax and chat.
Each inflatable is specially designed for enjoyment: Christina  Just share your inflatable while you read a book and your partner or friend is sun bathing with his feet in water on the other side of Christina. Henry is well thought for sun bathing or sitting. Athina is perfect for sun bathing with your feet up.


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