Monday, 15 July 2013

Φάρμα Projekt

The rooster in the making
On Saturday, it was finally the night of the long awaited Φάρμα Projekt, in the outskirts of Nicosia. The party was held at dog kennels, with acres to grass land. The exceptional promo video created a lot of anticipation and over 1000 'farmers' showed up, ready to party. The team built all the bar from palettes and the DJ box too, with projections playing on the chip board backdrop. By international party standards, this was fantastic, by Cypriot party standards...this surpassed all! It felt like a music festival abroad rather than a party in the farmlands of Nicosia in Cyprus. I want to congratulate the whole team, I was also very impressed by artist Nicolas Hasapopoulos's rooster installation, which was the center of attention all night. Alot of work went into the organization of the event, and you can tell a very large team made this evening possible. 
The photo booth
All photos taken by Nicole Demetriou (center)

Looking forward to the next event, but also to the next promo video ;)
Φάρμα Projekt 
Me and my baby
The girls with Ais
The morning after

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