LFC secrets #01 - I [heart] a steal!

So I'm introducing new posts titles LFC Secrets. Here I will share with you links and videos, pictures and even the odd DIY solution to living a designer lifestyle, on a not-so-big salary. Because if you're anything like me, you love beautiful products and want to surround yourself with them, but you don't want to have to live off rice cakes to do so. I work three jobs, to make one salary, and I'm your ultimate consumer. I buy books because I like their cover, and gold fork and spoons because they would perfectly match my china. I'm by no means shallow, I just love beautiful products, that are well designed and functional, but I don't agree with paying a fortune to be able to enjoy these beautiful items and am not stuck on designer tags. I'm a 'visualist', shall we say. So, as my motto goes, sharing is caring, if you would like to share a secret or two, please do email me some links so we can all enjoy the bargains. Remember, sharing is caring! 

Most of the stores I share and brands will be online stores, so we can all enjoy the great bargains and finds. So here's my first find: The burgundy heart print shirt.

Burberry's heart print blouse seems to be everyone's favourite this season, from Victoria Beckham to Harry Styles, making is a sure HIT. But at $795.00 it doesn't come cheap! In fact, it's just too damn expensive. Is is spun from butterfly tears or angel farts?
Here are two budget versions for you, You can thank me by sending me your photos through of how you wore yours.

Option 1:
Choeis.com  has this great Wine red heart print regular fit shirt, made from easy to care fabric, at only $20.00.

Option 2:
Persunmall.com has this Retro Heart Print blouse from chiffon, for only $26.99.

Both sites offer FREE SHIPPING worldwide, no minimum order.


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