CC-Tapis Rugs

Maison Chamszadeh was known in France for more than 40 years for the quality of its traditional carpets.  In 2001 the brand took its traditional craftsmanship and artisan know-how to create a fresh new collection: CC-Tapis.
The rugs are hand woven with a Tibetan knot upon a cotton weave, and loomed with wool, silk or hemp. The result is a collection of beautiful rugs suited to any contemporary interior. A substantial number of rug designs are produced using only vegetable dyes, where over 1200 different colours are available. The variety of offered are loop, embossing or different pile heights.
The collection is composed by: New Classic Collection revisiting the great standards of oriental tradition, Contemporary Collection with designs closer to us in time and of a more western mood, Signature Collection representing the vision of a whole new generation of artists.

With great respect for tradition, which you feel in the quality of the craft and materials, CC-Tapis innovates with designs and colours that are more in touch with todays decorative freedom, pushing the limits to a more transgressive and conceptual experimentation. 
Via InDesignLive


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