Love From Cyprus: Review 003

Another day, another review from Moriya. Hermes winged sandals seem to be a hit with all of you! If you've recently purchased LFC sandals of bags, please send your your photo and you review.

Хочу честно поделиться отличной находкой на etsy. Получила с Кипра сандалики, как на картинке и еще сумочку. Ручная работа. Кожа. Сделано на заказ - абсолютно точно определяешь сама сочетание цветов и размер. Очень порадовали и качество и удобство. Иногда сандали должны быть просто сандалями и просто удобно сидеть на своих ремешках - так вот это оно. В общем очень рекомендую этот магаз, а сама пока закажу еще одни другого цвета 

I wish to share fairly an excellent find on Etsy. I have received my sandals from Love From Cyprus,  pictured, and also a handbag. Handmade from genuine leather. It is made to order - absolutely you can select a custom colour combination and the size is true to fit. I am very much pleased with both quality and convenience. Sometimes sandals should be simply fit to your foot's form - and these do just that! I very much recommend this shop, while I make another order for a different colour!


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