Geology of shoes - Barbora Vesela

Prague based footwear designer Barbora Vesela creates the most beautiful custom-made shoes inspired by geology, and the landscape of her surroundings. I discovered Barbora's work when doing some research for a talented footwear designer and when I saw her collection, it was love at first sight.

Barbora studied footwear design at Cordwainers College in London (part of London college of Fashion), her second degree after photography. She now makes bespoke shoes from her workshop in Prague, in a playful manner, yet using traditional and classical shoemaking techniques. Her collection is strictly luxury, and made-to-order, these are not the type of products you will find ever being mass produced, and every single pair is totally unique and special.

Taking inspiration from sediment layers and from effects of erosive processes in nature as well as from traditional shoe making techniques. Special construction method has been developed and used across the collection. Multiple layers of leather scrap pieces are added on the last and subsequently sanded down to achieve the final shape and unique colour pattern of the shoe. The colour schemes are influenced by old geological maps.


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