Giving thanks is just a conversation away.

Thanks giving may be an America holiday, but it's a great one to remind us to reflect on the year that has passed. This year we choose to celebrate it, in a non traditional way, by calling 5 people who we haven't thanked in a meaningful way, in a long time.

Little task: Say thank you to 5 people by calling them. Don't be tempted to send a lazy text or message on Facebook lovers... Express your gratitude to them for supporting you, loving you and for being in your life. Tell them what it is you love about them and make them feel good about themselves. Sharing is caring!

We wish to thank all of you, for your love and support. I truly believe that like attracts like, and have found my tribe in you all. We share the same interest in living an authentic lifestyle, great craftsmanship, beautiful design and all things created through love. LFC is a project, blossoming from the need to create, design and share. I am ever so grateful for another year that has passed with you by my side, and wish you lovers a safe and happy holiday season ahead.



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